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Ultra-Low-Power Holistic Design for
Smart Bio-signals Computing Platforms

DATE 2014: PHIDIAS paper and poster presented

On the Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE) 2014 a poster and paper of PHIDIAS was presented:

POSTER on PHD forum

"A Process and Environmental Variation Tolerance Scheme for ULP Shared-memory Processor Clusters", (Authors: Daniele Bortolotti, Andrea Bartolini, and Luca Benini). March 2014

The Poster can be found here (PDF, 1.5M)


"Hybrid memory architecture for voltage scaling in ultra-low power multi-core biomedical processors", (Authors: Daniele Bortolotti, Andrea Bartolini, Christian Weis, Davide Rossi and Luca Benini).