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Ultra-Low-Power Holistic Design for
Smart Bio-signals Computing Platforms

Best Paper Award DATE 2013: PHIDIAS paper wins

The paper with the tilte “SCC thermal model identification via advanced bias-compensated least-squares” written by Roberto Diversi, Andrea Bartolini, Andrea Tilli, Francesco Beneventi and Luca Benini  and published in the proceedings of the Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE) Conference of March 2013 (Grenoble, France) has won the best paper award of this conference.

Abstract of the paper: Compact thermal models and modeling strategies are today a cornerstone for advanced power management to counteract the emerging thermal crisis for many-core systems on-chip. System identification techniques allow to extract models directly from the target device thermal response. Unfortunately, standard Least Squares techniques cannot effectively cope with both model approximation and measurement noise typical of real systems. In this work, we present a novel distributed identification strategy capable of coping with real-life
temperature sensor noise and effectively extracting a set of low-order predictive thermal models for the tiles of Intel’s Single-chip-Cloud-Computer (SCC) many-core prototype.

The publication can be found here