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Ultra-Low-Power Holistic Design for
Smart Bio-signals Computing Platforms

Inyu-PHIDIAS CS Demonstrator

As a result of the PHIDIAS project, a new wearable educational demonstrator has been prepared. The Inyu-PHIDIAS CS demonstrator is able to acquire a 1-lead ECG signal by simple touch of two fingers on a planar embedded system including a new low-power microcontroller, memory and (at least) two metal contacts. This demonstrator can be used for educational purposes at university or high-school to show the use of applying different compressive sensing (CS) ratios to the original ECG signal in real time. The Inyu device can be purchases through Smartcardia, a Swiss start-up based in Lausanne. For more information about the device and ordering details, please visit

App for Android or iOS to display the ECG signal after applying different levels of CS ratios (use of ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols in the image)

Output ECG signal of the Inyu-PHIDIAS CS Demonstrator

Normal real-time utilization of the Inyu-PHIDIAS CS Demonstrator for 1-lead ECG signals